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Meet the Characters in Purple Method

As Max sang the first lines of “Scream My Name,” a couple of people whistled and nodded their approval. He could do this. He totally could. And if he had the chance to perform like this for the rest of his life, he’d die happy.
“What?” Rick glanced down at his new stylishly ripped jeans and pristine red sneakers, and back up at Pete. “You knew before you invited me that I’m no metalhead. Don’t act all surprised that I’m not dressed like the living dead.”
Tony bear-hugged Max and squeezed the breath from him. “Aw, check out my little brother, all grown-up and wise and stuff. I raised you well, little bro.”
Kyle, the guitarist, joined Max at center stage to sing, creating intricate harmonies that complemented the heavy guitars and potent bass lines.
Lee hauled Max to his feet and stared him right in the eyes. “You’ve got the potential to take Purple Method to the very top. Don’t drink yourself into oblivion and waste the opportunity to be something great, okay?”
“Well… I made the wrong decision four years back now. Letting the love of my life go was the biggest mistake I ever made. Gets kinda lonely after a while.”

About Victoria Milne

Victoria Milne discovered fiction writing relatively late in life, back in 2012, and has loved every second of the journey. Her belief that life is one big adventure to be experienced to the max has stood her in good stead, but it has resulted in rather a lot of plot bunnies that don’t give her a minute’s peace!

A firm believer that consensual love should come without labels and without prejudice, these themes often appear in her stories, as do Victoria’s passions for martial arts, cooking, yoga, and loud music. It was no surprise when these subjects began to resonate in her writing, frequently taking center stage, and rather than fighting it she’s learned to accept and enjoy that these will always be indispensable elements in her work.

Although Victoria appreciates that stories don’t always have to have happy endings, hers always do—because everybody deserves to find their true love(s).

In 2016, Love Unlocked—the anthology in which her story “Writer’s Lock” was published—was a Rainbow Award finalist. The experience fueled her desire to learn as much about the mechanics of writing as she could. In 2017 Victoria completed her training with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and became a full-time freelance editor. Victoria has always loved reading, and still can’t quite believe she’s been lucky enough to not only create books of her own but also help other writers perfect theirs too!